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Electrical Installation Handbook | Volume #1 | by ABB

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Scope and Objectives

The scope of this electrical installation handbook is to provide the designer and user of electrical plants with a quick reference, immediate-use working tool. This is not intended to be a theoretical document, nor a technical catalogue, but, in addition to the latter, aims to be of help in the correct definition of equipment, in numerous practical installation situations.

Electrical Installation Handbook–Volume I

!!! The dimensioning of an electrical plant requires knowledge of different factors relating to, for example, installation utilities, the electrical conductors and other components; this knowledge leads the design engineer to consult numerous documents and technical catalogues.

This electrical installation handbook, however, aims to supply, in a single document, tables for the quick definition of the main parameters of the components of an electrical plant and for the selection of the protection devices for a wide range of installations.


Protection and Control Devices

The main definitions regarding LV switchgear and controlgear are included in the international Standards IEC 60947-1, IEC 60947-2 and IEC 60947-3.

Circuit breaker

A mechanical switching device, capable of making, carrying and breaking currents under normal circuit conditions and also making, carrying for a specified time and breaking currents under specified abnormal circuit conditions such as those of short circuit.

Current-limiting circuit breaker

A circuit-breaker with a break-time short enough to prevent the short-circuit current from reaching its otherwise attainable peak value.

Plug-in circuit breaker

A circuit-breaker, in addition to its interrupting contacts, has a set of contacts that enable the circuit-breaker to be removed.

Withdrawable circuit breaker

A circuit-breaker, in addition to its interrupting contacts, has a set of isolating contacts that enable the circuit-breaker to be disconnected from the main circuit, in the withdrawn position, to achieve an isolating distance in accordance with specified requirements.

Moulded-case circuit breaker

A circuit-breaker has a supporting housing of moulded insulating material forming an integral part of the circuit-breaker.


A mechanical switching device that, in the open position, complies with the requirements specified for the isolating function.


A device, mechanically connected to a mechanical switching device that releases the holding means and permits the opening or the closing of the switching device.


Electrical Installation Handbook Volume-1 by ABB




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