Eti Soda 154kV Extension Project

March 2016

March 2017

Scope of the Eti Soda 154kV Extension Project:

1- Construction Projects:

  • Reinforced concrete projects

  • Architectural Project

  • Mechanical Installation Project

  • Electrical Installation Projects

  1. Lighting Installation Project

  2. Force Installation Project

  3. Lightning Rod Installation Plan

  4. Electrical outlet Installation Project

  5. Telephone-Data plan

  6. Basic grounding plan

  7. Fire detection plan

  • Construction Projects of Transformer (62.5MVA,25MVA and 2x1600kVA)

2- Primer&Seconder Projects:

  • Single Line Diagrams (HV/MV/LV)

  • Switchyard Primer Projects:

  1. General Layout Plan

  2. General Location Plan

  3. Switchyard Cross Sections

  4. Construction Based – Channel

  5. Grounding

  6. Lighting

  • 154kV Beypazarı Line Feeder Seconder Project

  • 154kV Transformer-E Feeder Seconder Project

  • Transformer Seconder Projects (62.5MVA,25MVA)

  • Tr-E Feeder Electrical Diagrams (Relay Panel)

  • Tr-E Electric Meter Panel Project

  • Tr-E Seconder - Protection Relay Panel Project

  • DCS – RTU Panel Project

  • MV Switchgear Projects

  • MV Electrical Schematic Drawings (6.3kV&11kV)

  • MV Companzation Projects

  • LV Panel – AC&DC panel&Companzation(2x500kVAR) Projects

  • 154kV Tr-E Feeder Cable List

  • 154kV Beypazarı Line Feeder Cable List

  • MV&LV Power Cable Lists

  • MV&LV Control System Cable List

3- Construction of Metal Clad(MC) - MV Building

4- Construction foundation of the 62.5MVA (154/11kV) Main Transformer

5- Construction foundation of the 25MVA (11/6.3kV) Power Transformer

6- Construction foundation of the 2x1600KVA(6.3/0.4kV) Auxiliary(Service) Transformers

7- Steel construction foundations of pylons and 154kV primer equipments

8- Installation of Energy Transmission Line Equipments (Galvanized HV poles, 795 MCM)

  • assembly and disassembly of Galvanized HV poles

  • assembly and disassembly of 795 MCM conductor

9- Protection and Control Systems

10- Installation of 62.5MVA, 25MVA and 2x1600KVA Transformers

11- Installation of MV switchgears & MV Compensations & Cable Trays & MV power and control cables

12- Installation of DCS Equipments:

  • 400V AC distribution panels,

  • LV Companzation panels (2x 500kVAR),

  • 110V DC panel,

  • 110 DC Redresors,

  • UPSs,

  • Battery groups,

  • Main Transformer Protection Relay Panels,

  • Rack Cabinet (Servers, Fiberoptic Communication),

  • RTU,

  • Counter Panel,

  • LV power and control cables,

  • Security - CCTV,

  • Fire Protection Systems (for Main Transformer&MV building)

13- Installation of 154kV Switchyard Equipments:

  • Steel constructions,

  • Circuit Breakers,

  • Disconnectors,

  • CTs&VTs,

  • Connection terminals,

  • SDK panel,

  • Substation Control building panels,

  • earthing conductor,

  • external lightings,

  • Security – CCTV

14- Testing and Activating (2T plant, 2T switchyard,MV Switchgears, SCADA-ABB microSCADA sys600)

  • 154kV Tr-E&Beypazarı Feeder Primer Tests:

  1. AC&DC Insulation Test(%PF) of CTs&VTs&Paradufr,

  2. Secondary Voltages of VTs,

  3. Contact Transition Resistances of busbar disconnectors, line disconnectors, line earthing switchs and Circuit Brakers(GE&Alstom),

  4. On / off time of CBs

  • 154kV Tr-E&Beypazarı Feeder Seconder Tests:

  1. Load-Burden Test of VTs

  2. Ratio, Polarity and Load Test for CTs

  3. Saturation and Winding Resistance Test of CTs

  • 154kV Tr-E Relay Tests:

  1. ABB REF615 Relay Test - Overcurrent Protection Test

  2. ABB RED670 – Distance Protection Test

  3. ABB RED670 – Line Differantial Protection Test

  4. ABB RED670 – Distance Calculation Test

  • 154kV Tr-E Main&Spare Counter Index Tests

  • MV Switchgear Tests:

  1. AC Insulation(%PF) Test of CBs

  2. On / off time of CBs

  3. Contact Transition Resistances of CBs

  4. Polarity Test(AC Insulation-%PF) of CTs,VTs and Surge Arresters

  5. Main busbar HV and Contact Resistance Tests

  6. Ratio and Load Test for CTs

  7. Saturation and Winding Resistance Test of CTs

  8. Relay Tests (Overcurrent Protection, Earthing fault, Differantial Protection (Trip time, Harmonic Restraint)

15- Education of Primer and Seconder (Relay(GE&ABB), RTU, SCADA)


  • KAYAP İnşaat

  • Aktifsel Enerji

  • Alayapım Mühendislik

  • Kontrolmatik

  • GES Genel Elektrik Sistemleri Yapım ve Mühendislik A.Ş.

  • Atılan Mühendislik

  • SAN-EL Mühendislik

  • Power Elektronik

  • EAE Elektrik A.Ş.

  • Girişim Elektrik

  • Radsan

  • Erke Elektrik


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"Real success delivers you up to a high degree of Allah's floor" Hüseyin Güzel

"Real success delivers you up to a high degree of Allah's floor" Hüseyin Güzel

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