Social Media and Helplessness of Human

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

“Nowadays, I think that anxiety is mainly about a place rather than time; the time, probably, as one of the possible elements of distribution among the elements divided in that place come across us.” Michel Foucault.

Helplessness of Human

People are constantly experiencing the power of social media and algorithms. They also have difficulty logging out of social media networks because of algorithms that use human brain weaknesses and human emotions such as curiosity. In this case, people spend 24 hours a day on the internet which is like a dark void. Moreover, without waiting for any financial return.

Social Media and Helplessness of Human

This is the case for people who are social media users. For those who do not internet, it does not mean that social media has no effect. Because social media has become a big part of communication and will take over the whole communication in the near future. The biggest problem of those who do not use social media is that they are unaware of the information shared about themselves in social media and cannot exercise their right to answer. This is the result of people’s helplessness in the across of social media.

With the rising speed of technology, social change has begun to take a different case. All people need to reach the same knowledge level at the same time, which is also impossible. In particular, it is clear that a technology giant such as Facebook, which has constantly come up with big scandal news, will not account for people outside the Internet network, or that they do not have any concerns like “How do we respect people’s personal rights?” and it is also clear that they do not have an effort to correct this situation.

This situation brings about a dilemma in itself while creating a situation that can permanently leave people vulnerable. While people are obliged to follow what is written and spoken sharings about themselves and what matters to them, nobody has to have a social media account. Can this problem be overcome by known methods?

Photo by Ben Sweet on Unsplash

Unfortunately, the known methods are inadequate. Since an inclusive social media manifesto is not established by institutions or governments in the global world or in our country, individuals have to defend themselves and follow the developments about themselves. As a result, everyone has to connect to social media networks and the winner is again the owners of social media networks at the end of the day.

In times when it is difficult to manage change, people need to be protected more and have access to developments related to themselves, without ever being tied to social media. It is not both an accurate and ethical solution to keep people connected to social networks in order to protect themselves and their environment from the effects of social media.

“Change is a process that is frequently experienced and it is a flawed process of violence. It is the war between what exists and what will be born. In the midst of these troubled processes, morality loses its meaning. The choice between good and evil turns into a simple option, to escape or to disappear?” Heroes.

translated by Hüseyin Güzel

Writer: Tomorrow, Medium Blogger

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"Real success delivers you up to a high degree of Allah's floor" Hüseyin Güzel

"Real success delivers you up to a high degree of Allah's floor" Hüseyin Güzel

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