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Danfoss | From Real-World Applications

From real-world applications for the real world is intended for the specialist controller and project engineer who wish to inform themselves about the possible applications of speed-controlled drives. Switching suggestions with and without PID controllers are discussed.

Danfoss Drive Family

The goal of this brochure is to illustrate ways and methods to attain the right solution. It discusses applications that occur frequently in practical applications using speed-controlled drives with Danfoss frequency converters.

What VLT is all about

The drive specialist

Danfoss Drives is one of the leading manufacturers of drive technology in the world. Back in 1968 Danfoss presented the world’s first mass-produced frequency converter for three-phase AC motors and has specialised in solutions for drive applications ever since. Today VLT® is synonymous with reliable technology, innovation and know-how in driving solutions for a wide range of industries.

Innovative and intelligent frequency converters

From its headquarters in Graasten, Denmark, Danfoss Drives employs 2000 staff in over 100 countries working on Danfoss drive solutions in development, manufacturing, consulting, sales and service. The modular frequency converters are customised to the respective customer requirements and delivered fully assembled. In this way, we ensure that your VLT® is always delivered to you with the most current technology.

Trust the professionals - worldwide

In order to ensure the quality of our products at all times, Danfoss Drives oversees and monitors the development of each major element in the products. The group has its own research and software development departments as well as modern production facilities for hardware, power modules, circuit boards and accessories. VLT® frequency converters are deployed in a wide range of applications all over the world.

The experts from Danfoss Drives support our customers with comprehensive specialised knowledge about the respective application. Comprehensive consulting and fast service add up to the optimum solution with the highest degree of reliability and availability. A job is not finished until you, the customer, are satisfied with the drive solution.


Danfoss - From Real-World Applications by VLT




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