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What is the Corona Effect in Transmission Lines?

The Corona Effect, also known as corona #discharge, is a phenomenon that occurs when a localized region of a fluid, such as air, surrounding a conductor (usually a #highvoltage #electrode), becomes ionized. This ionization creates a visible and audible discharge of #energy in the form of a faint bluish or violet glow, along with a hissing or crackling sound.

#Corona discharge can occur when the electric field strength around a #conductor becomes high enough to ionize the surrounding air molecules. This #ionization creates a conductive path through the air, allowing electric current to flow. The process is accompanied by the emission of ultraviolet (#UV) light, which can interact with nearby particles and cause them to fluoresce, producing the characteristic glow.

Corona discharge is generally considered an unwanted phenomenon in high-voltage systems, such as #power #lines or electrical equipment, because it can lead to energy losses, #electromagnetic interference, and even damage to the equipment. Engineers and designers take measures to minimize or control corona effects in high-voltage applications.

It's important to note that the Corona effect should not be confused with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which is an entirely different and unrelated topic.


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