Technology Dependence and Prevention Methods

Technology Dependence and Prevention Methods

Dependence means that can not control to oneself and hard to live without something dependent.

Dependency Types:

  • Tobacco Dependence,

  • Alcohol Dependence,

  • Substance Dependence,

  • Technology Dependence.

Technology Dependence

Technology Dependence

This type of dependency; technological devices, Internet and computer games can not control ourselves to spend excessive time. We might even think that we can’t live without them.

A person who is depencended to technology;

  • continues to use technology despite mental and physical problems.

  • spends more and more time with what he is dependent on

  • If he/she does not use the technology in any way he wants, he/she becomes irritable and angry.

  • thinks about her/him even when he/she is not dependent.

  • difficulties in fulfilling their Responsibilities.

  • when we play games on computer, tablet and phone or spend time on the Internet; If we do not understand how time passed and we cannot leave a game for example, this may be a warning sign.

  • prefers to spend time with technological devices rather than social activities.

  • loses sleep due to technological devices and fall of school-business success.

  • it may be interrupted by family or friends.

  • even wants to eat her/him food next to technological devices or her/him meal hours become irregular.

Technology Dependence

Individuals at risk;

  • who are away from sports and who prefer life.

  • are negative and dependent friends

  • whose academic success or career success is consistently low or unwilling to engage in school-work activities.

  • have skills of make friends, communicating and maintaining communication are less ones.

  • who prefer life which away from sports

  • her/him families are individuals who use technology negatively and unconsciously.

  • who have difficulty in expressing themselves in social relations.

  • her/him family members who have domestic conflicts and who do not have healthy communication.

  • who do not have a quality time in their lives.

The methods to prevent technology dependence;

  • You must reduce the time you spend with the technological devices slowly but steadily.

  • When you reduce the use of technological devices, turn to new activities (sports, hobbies, etc.)

  • Think! Is the success and respect in the virtual environment more valuable, or in real life?

  • You should think about the damages of technological devices and imagine what you got from you.

  • In the evening you should spend time with your family instead of dealing with technological devices.

  • You should plan a friend meeting or a mandatory business just after your works related to the technology you do at limited times.

  • You should set goals for yourself in the use of technology. Thus, you will not lose yourself in a situation where you are aimless and in vain.

  • You can hang remarks and images that remind you of what technology dependence will lose in your room, various parts of the house, next to the computer screen.

  • You can create activities and create new friendships around a real friend, not virtual.

  • You can list what you want to do, after doing something in the list you can write a new request in the end of your list.

  • If necessary, obtain assistance from a specialist.

Resource: Kübra Şahin, Psychological Counselor and Child Developmentist

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"Real success delivers you up to a high degree of Allah's floor" Hüseyin Güzel

"Real success delivers you up to a high degree of Allah's floor" Hüseyin Güzel

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