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"Real success delivers you up to a high degree of Allah's floor" Hüseyin Güzel

"Real success delivers you up to a high degree of Allah's floor" Hüseyin Güzel

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Facts worth knowing about Frequency Converters

The basic elements are described in four main sections:

  • AC Motors

  • Frequency converters

  • Frequency converters and motors

  • Protection and safety when using frequency converters

CHAPTER 0: Introduction
  • Advantages of infinitely variable speed regulation

  • Control or regulation?

CHAPTER 1: 3-Phase AC Motors
  • Asynchronous motors

  • Stator

  • Magnetic field

  • Rotor

  • Slip, torque and speed

  • Efficiency and losses

  • Magnetic field

  • Equivalent circuit diagram

  • Speed change

  • Changing the number of poles

  • Slip control

  • Frequency regulation

  • Motor data

  • Types of load

  • Synchronous motors

  • Reluctance motors

Control or regulation?

Many people use the terms control and regulation interchangeably. However, they do have precise definitions – largely as a result of developments in the field of automation.

!!! The terms “control” and “regulation” depend on the type of plant. With speed “control” a signal which is expected to produce the required speed is sent to the motor. With speed “regulation” a feedback signal is given from the process.

If the speed does not correspond to the requirements, the signal to the motor is regulated automatically until the motor speed is as it should be


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