10 Important Tips for Who Want to Write a Blog

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Today it’s easier to have a blog. You can build your blog in minutes with free software and countless resources you can find on the internet...

10 Important Tips for Who Want to Write a Blog, by Hüseyin GÜZEL

If you don’t just write your blog for yourself and you want people to follow to you, your most important tool will be your content. Whether you have a giant one-man or multi-author structure, if you don’t give the necessary importance to the content of your blog, after a while, looking at the visitor statistics can make you feel like talking to yourself.

We’ve put together 10 important tips about content that we think is especially important for beginners and intermediate bloggers:

1- Who are you writing for?

Who are you writing for?

If you cannot identify your audience, you will not be able to communicate with them. If you want them to read what you write, you have to try to understand who your audience is, what they like, what they don’t like, what they eat and drink.

You’ve never come across user profiles that you’ve never targeted and said, “Who are these?” you don’t need to be panic. This is very natural…

The content which you prepare may be of interest to a different reader than you originally intended.

For example, when you plan to appeal to graphic professionals, users who are keen on graphics but beginners may find your site more useful. In such cases, it is useful to review your target audience, which you define in the first place, not your visitors.

By the way, if you answered the question of this article: “I’m writing it for myself”, let’s save you 20 minutes; you can go directly to the 10th item :)

2- Please quote, never copy-paste


Especially if you have just started writing, you will soon realize that this is not as easy as you think. You can panic when you publish new articles several times a day, several times a week, and then twice a month.

In this case, it often comes to mind to obtain the content quickly to keep the blog empty and not having too long between published articles. After a while, you may find yourself copying the content of other blogs or publications every day.

This means the end of your blog.

Because it is not difficult for your readers to reach the original source of these articles and follow the original content from the source.

On the other hand, quoting is a very different situation. If you produce your original content, make informative or entertaining quotations on the subject and show references while doing this, you will not only enrich but also allow your readers to transfer the same subject from different perspectives that they cannot find with together.

3- If possible, write intimate and fun

If possible, write intimate and fun

If your topic doesn’t include too many technical issues, try to make your writing language sincere and fun. When the topic is appropriate, everyone is happy to read every topic in a bit more fun.

If you trust your humor, try to add small (without exaggeration) jokes.

On the other hand, it is also very risky.

4- Add value to the topic

Add value to the topic

For news-oriented publications, it is vital to be the first to report the news but it is not easy for everyone to produce such news, and it may not even be possible. It is not possible to compete with them, especially for beginner blogs, as professional publications have the potential to publish such news.

The best is to use the last-minute news that you believe is suitable to post on your blog as a citation. But to avoid falling into the copy-and-paste trap described in the second option here, also it would make sense to add your comment to this news.

Most readers will read the news from the first publication source. The only valid reason for them to read the same story or news again on your blog is to include your original comment, which cannot be found anywhere else.

5- Clarify your area of expertise

Clarify your area of expertise

You can find at least 10 different blogs or publications that produce similar content for every topic you can think of. If you do not have the potential to compete with these long-standing publications, your best choice is to limit the content to a narrower area.

For example, I can easily say that there is no need for a blog with general technology content for today. If you’re not going to make a real difference in any way, instead of focusing on technology in general, just focus on mobile phones.

You have narrowed the topic with mobile phones, but this may not be enough. Then simply you can write about smartphones or just mobile operating systems.

The more you try to explain about it, the more superficial your content will be and the less likely it will be taken seriously. But as you narrow the topic, you can both maintain your presence in less competitive channels and produce more satisfying the contents for your readers by focusing your limited resources and time on an area where you can more easily specialize.

6- Respect the readers #1

Respect the readers

If you care about your blog, you should also care about your readers. Try to produce content as often as you can. If you cannot write for weeks, try to write at least once a week. You should keep in mind that your blog may not be taken seriously until you can produce at least 1 original content per week. Don’t remember that the more often you produce content, the more valuable your blog will be.

7- Respect the readers #2

Your readers never deserve a post that is described as bad. Never run easy, you should not present them bad content. A reader who gains by good content can save 10 new readers to you. On the other hand, it may be much more difficult to take back your reader you lost because of bad content.

If you use Twitter heavily, you will understand better what I am trying to explain here. In fact, Twitter has taught us many people the easiest way to realize the fact that after a tweet, the numbers of readers can suddenly drop, and how important it is to produce quality content.

8- Learn to control your anger

Learn to control your anger

One of the biggest advantages of the point reached by the Internet today is that people can interact with each other in the most practical. It is now very easy to comment on any topic. What every blogger wants is for his/her readers to comment more on his/her article.

But every comment is not the way you expect it to be. Unfortunately, the Internet also helps some users to express their dissenting feelings very easily and the number of comments that are far from being constructive, including heavy criticism and even insulting is unfortunately not a few.

If you care about your blog and are interested in it, you will probably find these kinds of depressing commentary.

The most common error in such cases is to respond in the same manner to such comments. The person who makes that comment will probably forget about it the next day, and you won’t even remember it after 3 days. But the memory of the internet is permanent than all of us, and your unnecessary response to that unnecessary comment will remain on the Internet for a very long time.

The most accurate behavior in such cases; it is to ignore irrelevant and unconstructive comments. As you respond, you must learn to dominate yourself, as that subject will grow more and get out of hand. If his/her interpretation is unfair, it will intervene by other readers already. If they do not intervene or even support the interpretation in question, perhaps the topic mentioned in the comment may indicate something you need to improve.

In summary, try to stay away from discussions but close to ideas that may be valuable to you.

9- This blog for all of you, everyone for this blog

This blog for all of you, everyone for this blog

Sometimes, it may be difficult to write a single article a week due to business and private life difficulties. Fortunately, you don’t have to do this alone. Recently, there is a serious increase in multi-author blogs. It is not because it is fashionable, but because it is realized that gathering people who want to share their ideas on the same subject can create a more powerful blog. Multi-author blogs, they are important not only for getting richer content but also for conveying similar topics from different perspectives.

If your blog topic is your interest, there are probably others around you who are interested in the same topic. If you can make them contribute to the blog, a more enjoyable and more informative publication will follow for readers.

If you have the opportunity or if your blog generates financial value, you can get help from the professionals. Those who produce paid content will generally have better quality and professional writing. If you have the opportunity to invest in your blog, with the right blog management it is not as difficult as you think to get the financial and moral value of this investment.

10- Have fun when you are writing

When you writing, you have to have fun. If you are not very lucky, especially at the beginning and probably not for a long time you will not be able to earn a very serious income. There is no guarantee that you will reach that level. But it’s worth trying and the only thing that will give you the power to continue.

The post is similar to a one-sided bridge between you and the reader, and if you enjoy it, this feeling will surely be reflected in the reader.

The post is similar to a one-sided bridge between you and the reader, and if you enjoy it, this feeling will surely be reflected in the reader. The bad thing is, if you’re unwillingly writing, this feeling will also reach to the readers, and if you are not enjoying it, readers will not enjoy it.

There are certainly many experienced blog writers among us, and although the above points are important, everything is not limited to these.

If you share your experiences and ideas on this topic in your comments, you can contribute to a more useful resource, especially for new bloggers…

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"Real success delivers you up to a high degree of Allah's floor" Hüseyin Güzel

"Real success delivers you up to a high degree of Allah's floor" Hüseyin Güzel

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