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What is Motivation and How to Be Motivated?

Motivation is the electrical energy that activates the engine of success...

How many times have you started a diet program to lose weight, have you ever started a bodybuilding or aerobics program, or have you ever intended to learn a new foreign language? Or did you give up doing these after a very short time?

Doing something different because of a lack of motivation; For example, how many times did you intend to study a particular topic or start a particular project, but it didn't work? Sometimes, you might have just started a new project and then didn't continue because you lost your enthusiasm or lacked motivation? In fact, this is a situation we often encounter.

What is motivation and why do you need it?

Motivation is a driving force. You need the drive to achieve anything, otherwise, you will not achieve anything. A wish is not strong enough to move you and is a weak desire. Only a strong desire to achieve goals and objectives can move you forward.

To keep motivated, you need to know exactly what you want. Your goal should be clear and precise, and you should understand and be aware of the payoffs. Thinking about your goals often and being convinced that they can happen will increase your motivation and strengthen your desire to achieve them.

Thinking often and being convinced of the importance of what you want to achieve will increase your motivation, strengthen your desire, and be willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your goal.

Motivation is easier for short-term goals. When it comes to long-term goals, it is not always possible to maintain motivation for a long time. That's why it can be a smart approach to start with small goals, and as you get motivated and gain experience, you can move on to bigger goals later on.

If you want to achieve a certain object or achieve a certain goal, but you do not feel motivated enough to act, it means that the desired thing or goal is not important enough. You must have a strong desire to take action and do something towards your goal.

Motivation has become a popular term nowadays. Now there are motivational trainers, and motivation-based books and articles are constantly being written by those who speak and work in this field.

Motivation has a lot to do with emotions and imagination; which means that if you want to increase your motivation, you need to work on your emotions and imagination.

So how do you stay motivated?

Here are a few motivational tips that can help you:

  1. Think and analyze what you desire, determine if you really want to achieve it and whether it is worth the effort and time you will spend.

  2. Clarify your goal. Writing will help you with this.

  3. Think often about your goal or what you desire.

  4. Visualize your goal as if it has already been accomplished and close your mind to your doubts.

  5. Read books or articles related to your goal.

  6. Read books about successful people. This may inspire them to imitate. And you can find books, articles and videos that can help with that.

  7. Generally, think about the benefits you will get by reaching your goal. This will increase your desire and motivation.

  8. Visualize what your life will be like after you achieve what you want to do. Think about how you will feel after you reach your goal.

  9. Repeat affirmative affirmations such as “I have enough will and inner strength to achieve my goal.” Repeat this affirmation carefully and with conviction.

  10. Start taking small steps towards your goal right now. Do not wait for the right opportunity and time. The right time is now!

“Motivation is electrical energy that activates the engine of success.”

Visualize your desire as if it has already been realized and use feelings of achievement; Unleash all your energy to do whatever it takes to fulfil your desires...


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