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EMTA Energy


EMTA Energy is a turnkey project contractor (EPC) company that has undertaken significant turn-key projects both at home and abroad of operating in all areas of the Energy Sector. During many years of sharing experiences of the energy sector with customers, EMTA Energy provides solutions such as feasibility, design, installation, construction works, electrical and mechanical assembly, test-commissioning and operation services.

EMTA Energy offers turnkey solutions such as complete electrification Works (EBOP) within the scope of energy production facilities (HEPP, RES, GES, Natural Gas and Thermal Power Plants), Air and Gas Insulated Substations (AIS, GIS), Energy Transmission and Distribution Lines in every field from the solutions such as energy production to the interconnected system and it adopting the motto “ONE STOP SHOP” in the energy sector and continuing its operation.

EMTA Energy, which has successfully completed many projects at various points in the world, has gained the competence of many private and public institutions.

One of the biggest strategies of the domestic energy investment sector, Wind Energy Power Plants is the target sector for EMTA Energy.


Turnkey services offered by EMTA Energy for the installation of Wind Power Plants in the most efficient and most reliable way; Feasibility works, Project Design and Calculations, Construction Works (Transportation Roads, Turbine Foundations, Transformer Center Construction Works, Power Plants, etc.), Wind Park Electrical and Communication Infrastructure (MV Underground, FO Wiring, etc.) and MV&HV Energy Transmission Lines are realized.


In the best quality and reliable way with its expert and experienced technical team, EMTA Energy offers a variety of services as energy transmission lines project design, construction, renewal and maintenance to the its costumers in in approximately 5 continents.


In general energy transmission lines, consist material groups as conveying lines, conductors, grounding equipment and insulator equipments which have different construction structures which are constructed by adhering to the standards, which provide the transportation of the generated electrical energy to distant points, are transportation lines.

Our experiences and achievements have provided us to understand the specific features and security measures of High Voltage Energy Transmission Line operations.

With its expert staff, EMTA Energy continues to provide the most efficient and reliable way to design and install transmission and distribution lines and carry out the operation, voltage transformations and maintenance works for the requirements of energy transmission line projects. In addition, it provides underground networks and services along with network channel projects and feeder design up to 34 kV.



It is the facilities that have various type of transformers, circuit breakers, separators and surge arresters such as many HV (110–750 kV) and MV equipments which are brought to the desired transmission level by lowering and raising by means of electrical transformer which collects or distributes the electrical energy in the switchyard.


Air Insulated Substations (AIS); Beacause of both the cost is low and all the equipment is clearly visible, it is easy to maintain and to intervene in possible failures. So it is preferred primarily. It is widely used where there is no land limitation and where conditions are appropriate.

With its experienced staff in engineering field, EMTA Energy, AIS Projects are carried out successfully with the highest quality and reliable.


It is SF6 gas insulated metal enclosed transformer substation and naturally, it offers higher reliability and flexibility than Air Insulated switchyard sites following the latest Transformer Center design criteria. Due to a closed design with gas, Gas Insulated Substation (GIS) is the most suitable solution for closed and underground substations. Also HV conductors, circuit breakers, switches, current-voltage transformers, earthed metal kept in case are in SF6 gas.

Due to superior insulation and design features; GIS substations may be taken up to 10 times less space than AIS substations. Therefore, in the existing land area is small (urban centers, industrial settlements, mountainous regions, narrow valleys or underground power plants, etc.) and in areas requiring high cost, Gas insulated systems are replacing traditional switchgear systems.

Through to the periodical maintenance, they age too late and their lifespan is much longer than in conventional switchgear facilities. There is no need to refill the gas levels during the life of their equipment (about 40 years). Through to its comprehensive pre-assembled design, it can be installed faster and requires lower maintenance costs.

With its experienced staff in engineering field, EMTA Energy, GIS Projects are carried out successfully with the highest quality and reliable.


In order to avoid noise pollution of the overhead lines in the environment or where the air transmission of energy is not suitable, these cables are used in applications where energy is transmitted from underground, not from air.


In these applications, When laying down underground power cables, conditions such as suitability of land, location of industrial zones where harmful chemical substances are located, electricity and telephone lines and water channels, etc. in environment should be taken into account.

One of the growth targets of EMTA Energy is Underground Power Cable (UPC) Projects and, therefore, it is increasing the diversity of its business by offering solutions together with its strategic business partners in the UPC projects it offers to the public and private sector. EMTA Energy continues to provide turnkey services for Medium and High Voltage Projects in Turkey and abroad.


EMTA Energy is one of the most reliable partners in developing and managing the energy infrastructure needed by the sector and provides these infrastructure services to its investors from a single point by the quality, reliability and efficiency way.



The following topics have provided services for many major metro and tunnel projects:

• Automation Systems
• Jet fan air conditioning systems
• Control systems for lightening, traffic signalization
• Energy supply and control with medium voltage units
• I/O panels &equipments
• Field supervision
• Commissioning


• Sea & Underground Water Treatment (Advanced Treatment Projects)
• Industrial and Domestic Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP)
• Process Control for WWTP
• Industrial and Domestic Solid Waste Treatments Solutions
• Aqua Pure Technologies (Innovative non thermal plasma technology solution for advanced oxidation process)
• Air Pollution Solutions
• Lextran (Advanced clean air solution)
• Waste to Energy Units
• Environmental Surveys: Risk Assessment, Professional Literature Surveys



EMTA Energy Service Department provides services such as operation and maintenance activities, Rerofit applications, status detection with Check-Up, efficiency improvement works, energy optimization and training and consultancy for various power plants, industrial plants, substations (GIS, AIS) and energy transmission lines.




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