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Meta Tests End-to-End Encryption for Facebook Messenger

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Among the announcements made by Meta today, there is also the synchronization of deleted messages between devices related to the updates made on the Facebook Messenger side, the removal of the disappearing mode in Messenger, the expanded chat features on Instagram and more...

The company's other main venture, Facebook Messenger, is set to switch to end-to-end encryption soon, just like Meta-owned WhatsApp. The company is currently testing the privacy feature in Messenger, as announced in a recent press release.

With end-to-end encryption implemented for Messenger, only the sender and receiver of the message will be able to see it, and even Facebook's ability to view chat content will be gone.

The news may sound a bit ironic, as the update was shared with the press just one day after Facebook handed over the history of a mother and daughter's abortion-related conversations to the police over a recent incident.

Although Facebook said the chat content was not visible to the company, it received a public backlash against the news.

“On June 7, the Supreme Court's Dobbs v. Prior to the Jackson Women's Health Organization decision, we obtained valid legal clearances from local law enforcement. The warrant made no mention of abortion,” the Meta company wrote.

In addition to end-to-end encryption, Facebook is also testing its "secure storage feature" to back up encrypted messages in the cloud and allow them to be transferred between devices. “As with end-to-end encrypted chats, secure storage means we cannot access your messages unless you choose to report them to us,” Meta company wrote.

"Secure storage will be the default way to keep the history of your end-to-end encrypted conversations in Messenger, and you'll have multiple options to restore your messages if you want."

Users will be able to access their encrypted chat history via a PIN or a generated code and it is the user's responsibility to keep it secure. Facebook said this week it is testing secure storage on Android and iOS.

Other announcements include syncing deleted messages across devices, removing disappearance mode in Messenger, expanding chat features on Instagram, and more. You can find the company's newsletter here...

Source: Facebook

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John Rok
John Rok
Aug 25, 2022


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