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Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS)

GE provides solutions that offer grid operators the ability to provide VAr support, enhance controllability, improve stability and increase the power transfer capability of AC transmission systems.

In recent years, utility operators have become more interested in solving their transmission system concerns and issues by utilizing more traditional electro-mechanical solutions that are both grid friendly and reliable.

Series Compensation

GE's experience in series compensation systems dates back to 1928 when GE pioneered this technology with the first installation on the emerging US transmission grid. Since then GE has installed more than 200 systems globally, representing more than 50 GVAr of compensation. GE’s Series Compensation System allows utilities to cost effectively increase power transfer capabilities of their existing infrastructure and new transmission lines. GE offers an extensive portfolio of project management skills, engineering capabilities, equipment, and installation services, delivering an integrated and robust system.

Synchronous Condenser

GE offers transmission utilities a simple and reliable solution to address reactive compensation and voltage support requirements. Our newly re-designed motor based Synchronous Condensers is custom designed to provide a proven, robust and reliable solution that provides steady state and dynamic support to the power system.


References: GE - Grid Solutions

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