The Lighting Handbook (by Zumtobel)

Updated: Jul 8

Lighting Concepts

The definition of individual visual tasks for the purpose of lighting design in a room, as provided for in the EN 12464 standard, opens up new perspectives for lighting design. The quantity and quality of light can now be specified exactly for any task area.

Warning: The content of this article is cited from The Lighting Handbook by Zumtobel

Task area related lighting concepts are a customised tool to fully exploit the additional options provided. At the same time, they offer financial scope that can be used to improve lighting comfort and enhance the effect of a room.

Visual function

Task area related lighting provides the right amount of light at the best possible quality for every visual task. Uniformity, control of glare and reflections, good contrast rendition and shadow detail are consistently matched to the respective task.

The lighting is adjusted perfectly to the room user’s needs.

!!! Focusing the lighting onto clearly defined areas means saving investment and operating costs.

The funds saved can be used to improve comfort and enhance the room atmosphere, for instance by exciting lighting accents, illuminated walls or dynamic lighting scenarios.

Room related lighting concepts take neither individual task areas nor different visual tasks into account. They are based on the most demanding task performed in the room. The position of the workstation is not defined, the entire room disposes of a uniform lighting quality

Lighting focussed onto individual visual task areas provides for varied light design in the room. By illuminating walls, for instance, rooms can be designed to be much more open and attractive; dynamic lighting situations can enhance their visual quality

Optimum energy efficiency

Large buildings provide huge potential for optimisation of energy consumption. Lighting that is consistently focussed onto individual task areas reduces mean illuminance levels and therefore the average expenditure on Energy.

Savings can be further increased by using daylight-based lighting management and presence detectors.


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"Real success delivers you up to a high degree of Allah's floor" Hüseyin Güzel

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